I’ve had the last week off work for a bit of spring cleaning, catching up with odd tasks and finding a bit of sleep.  About half way through, for some unknown reason, I remembered my old account at Polyvore.  I’ve since had to mentally limit the time I spend on there, or risk frittering away the rest of my week making sets of pretty objects and items that I want.  If you’ve never come across Polyvore, I recommend taking a look- it’s surprisingly fun.

The Sound of Her Wings


You know how it is.  Over the years you set up websites for this and that, start blogging about a subject and then get distracted by the next shiny project, and end up with little  investments of your time smattered all over the internet.  So, I’m not sticking to a subject, nor blogging comprehensively about any one thing- just little bits and pieces that take my interest and we’ll see where we end up.