Cthulhu Decorations

After a discussion wishing we could hold a Cthulhu-themed party, a friend of mine came up with the idea of posting party planning ideas online, and as I design the odd party invitation it seemed like the perfect thing to do here. So, if you’re looking for unusual party ideas, geeky party decorations, or game ideas, hopefully the Parties page will give you a few ideas!

In honour of the original discussion, the first one is for Cthulhu. Whether you want to invoke the dread creature himself, celebrate Lovecraft’s life and work, or jump on the cute-cthulhu bandwagon, click here for our Lovecraft Party page so far.

Cthulhu Decorations…

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Sleep and Smile Duvets at Cafepress

I’m excited to announce that Cafepress have made available various size duvets! I’ve long wanted to design my own bedcovers, and now I can. I’ve created two so far, inspired by vintage theatre poster designs, in twin and king sizes:

Twin Duvet – Vintage Sleep Poster
King Size Duvet – Vintage Sleep Poster
Twin Duvet – Vintage Smile Poster
King Size Duvet – Vintage Smile Poster

The designs are also available on other products over at Zazzle:

Vintage Smile Poster
on posters, greetings cards and postcards at Zazzle
Vintage Sleep Poster
on posters, greetings cards and postcards at Zazzle

Mother’s Day Coupons

Happy Mother’s Day to british mums! Having spent the day cooking and washing up for my mum, I started wondering how you could turn helping out into a proper gift that might encorage the rest of the family to help out a bit. I’ve created coupons and tokens for other things on Zazzle, so this seemed the obvious next step!

Give your mum a set of customizable coupons: just write a series of chores in the blank space, and give them to your mum to redeem at her leisure. Personal and useful.

From Me to Mum - One Coupon profilecard

You could add: doing the washing up for a day, hoovering the whole house, breakfast in bed, mowing the lawn, taking the trash out, doing the shopping, cleaning the car, cooking the evening meal…  and anything else you can think of.

Because it’ll be Mother’s day in the USA before the UK one comes around again, here’s one for american moms:

From Me to Mom - One Coupon profilecard

And finally, we all know dads have plenty of chores too- so here’s the dad version, and a couple of others:

From Me To Dad - One Coupon profilecardFrom Me To You - One Coupon profilecardFrom Me to You - One Hug Coupon profilecard