Cthulhu Decorations

After a discussion wishing we could hold a Cthulhu-themed party, a friend of mine came up with the idea of posting party planning ideas online, and as I design the odd party invitation it seemed like the perfect thing to do here. So, if you’re looking for unusual party ideas, geeky party decorations, or game ideas, hopefully the Parties page will give you a few ideas!

In honour of the original discussion, the first one is for Cthulhu. Whether you want to invoke the dread creature himself, celebrate Lovecraft’s life and work, or jump on the cute-cthulhu bandwagon, click here for our Lovecraft Party page so far.

Cthulhu Decorations…

Cute and easy to make, here’s a very simple guide to making a simple Cthulhu-themed garland (banners? streamers? bunting? Even after googling, I’m not entirely sure what the official name for this stuff is… I’m not sure the word ‘garland’ goes too well with Cthulhu!). You will need:

Green tissue paper, as wide as you can find

1. Fold your tissue paper in half. Then in half again, then again, and so on until the width is the size you would like your cthulhu face to be. Fold it in half one more time so you’ll be working on one half of the face.

2. Draw half a Cthulhu face with your pencil. I used a felt-tip to make it more visible on the photo, but as tissue paper is very thin you’ll risk the ink soaking through to the layers below and ruining the look. Make him as cute or sinister as you like- I went for a fairly simple design, making it easy to cut out in the next step. It’s important to note that the left side of his face must have about an inch of the design touching the edge. If you don’t have that contact, you’ll end up with a load of seperate Cthulhus… great for giant confetti and not much else. The tentacles should not touch the edge. I tried it both ways, and it tends not to hang well if the heads join there too.

3. Cut out your design, making sure not to slice though that link at the side of the face.

4. Unfold your Cthulhu decoration! You can staple several of these together to stretch across a larger space, or go on a quest for super-long tissue paper to start off with (just bear in mind that the more layers you have to cut through, the harder it is to get a clean outline in step 3). Pin or blu-tac into place, and you’re ready to party!

If you make or use a Cthulhu garland like this, I’d love to see photos and may even post them on the blog ^_^


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