Live Below the Line 2012

With less than a week to go, it’s time to hide my remaining Easter eggs, get used to chewing through bread without butter, and start planning for Live Below the Line 2012: a worldwide challenge aiming to raise awareness and funding for poverty charities.  £1 a day is considered to be the poverty line- anyone surviving on less is classed as living in extreme poverty, so the Live Below the Line challenge is to spend just £1 a day on food for 5 days; 15 meals for £5.

I’ve set up a sponsorship page HERE raising money for Health Poverty Action, but most of my sponsorship has been done on paper forms, so I’ll upload it all to the site at the end of the challenge. I’m also donating the money saved for the week, that is: the total I would normally have spent on food, minus the £5 I actually spend. There are a few generalisations (I take a packed lunch some days rather than grab a meal deal), but from my estimates so far the difference is quite horrifying, and it’s really got me thinking about how much I spend!

A 5 day estimate

(the equivalent of) 5 bagels: £1.45
Large carton of orange juice: £1.75


3 x Costa coffee (£2.49 each): £7.47
1 x a sneaky cake: £1.60
1 x Crisps: 60p

(the equivalent of) 4 x Boots meal deal (3.49 each): £13.96
1 x veggie takeaway: £6.00


5 x Various (working out at about £2 each): £10
Bottle of wine for Game of Thrones Mondays: £6.99


Minus that £5, and I’m donating £44.82 to the cause, and that’s before the actual sponsorship money! I’m going to be doing some serious everyday budgeting after this challenge is over…


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