Shopping for Live Below the Line

Shopping done.  I zoomed in to Tesco this evening, expecting there to be loads of bargains… How wrong I was!  During my planning earlier in the week I’d spotted a pack of nice sausages reduced to 30p, but passed them by- preferring to go home and plan it all out first.  Oh well, I got sausages, but full price and not so nice!

The total is as follows:
59p value sausages
31p canned plum tomatoes
31p canned sliced tomatoes
30p baked beans
24p 500g spaghetti
75p mixed frozen veg
33p 4 pack value yogurts
10p onion
52p reduced lump of cheddar
99p 6 value apples
47p loaf of wholemeal bread
8p measured out 50ml sunflower oil
4p of salt and herbs

Total: £5

It looks pretty good from here, and I think my plan to ditch the 1kg bag of rice in favour of affording cheese will turn out for the best!  I’m just worried I’ll run out of flavoursome things midweek and end up eating toast sandwiches all Friday…

Live Below the What?  Click here to find out what’s fuelling this insanity:


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