Cthulhu Chocolates

This winter I finally got around to a project I’ve been meaning to try for years: Cthulhu chocolates.  The idea came about when a colleague lent me a collection of Lovecraft stories and, during the year+ that it took me to get through it (I was very easily distracted) I started doodling tentacles, monsters, scenes from the tales, and eventually sculpting little Cthulhus, inspired by the description of the figurine found in ‘Call of Cthulhu’.

I have a habit of cycling rapidly through different crafts and projects, so at some point during the reading I started making chocolates.  I’d picked up a cheap mould, expensive chocolate, and spend a few evenings making ganache and filling chocolates with whatever I could get my hands on (see my post on the first batch).

It only took a small mental leap (and the discovery of food-safe silicone putty) to realise I could turn my Cthulhu sculptures into eldritch edibles.  This is the result:


And packaged up with some Elder Sign extras to inflict upon colleagues for Christmas (forgive the cuteness, I threw the packaging together in 20 minutes one morning and used an old Cthulmas doodle):

Cthulhu Chocolates

I also made a larger mould, but he had trouble with air bubbles:

Cthulhu Chocolates

The putty was fun to use and definitely has potential…  I don’t tend to make chocolates very often as once I’ve tested them and ‘cleaned’ the melting bowls I really don’t feel like eating chocolate for weeks!


8 thoughts on “Cthulhu Chocolates

    1. Not at the moment, no. I just made these ones as gifts for friends a couple of years ago, but if I ever get around to applying for a food health and safety certificate I might try selling them! They’re certainly great fun to make.

  1. What about the moulds? I A) lack a Cthulhu idol and B) lack the confidence in my casting skills to make one myself, but I have a Lovecraftian table at my wedding reception coming up, and this would be perfect to make for favors at that table!

    1. Oh wow! That sounds amazing 😀

      To be honest I’m just teaching myself how to cast anyway, so I’m hardly an expert. The silicone I used back then was food-safe but not very flexible so it was a bit of a pain to get the chocolates out. I think there are some better brands of food-safe silicone out there so I might be able to have a go at re-casting them. The little Cthulhu came out better than the big one, as there was less detail to coax the chocolate in to. Depends on how quickly you’d need the moulds?

      1. That may be possible. From what I can see, the food-safe silicone would cost £17.50, plus p&p to wherever you are. If that sounds ok to you I’ll see what I can do!

    1. Ah, shame. Hope it goes well anyway 🙂
      I do need to look into shipping costs for the USA sometime if I ever plan on selling things. I dread to think how much a well- padded box for masks will cost.

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