Hares in the Snow

It’s snowing again!  AGAIN!  I thought we were headed for spring now.  Oh well, here’s a quick hare doodle:


Also announcing The Design Every Day Project!

I wanted some kind of project that was like-a-new-year’s-resolution-but-not-quite.  Originally I wanted to set myself the challenge of taking a photo every day for a year in order to improve my photography skills.  Just a few days into the new year problems began to emerge with that plan.  I leave for work before the sun rises, and get home after it has got dark, and am generally busy in my lunchbreaks.  Although it would be possible to carry on with the project, the lack of natural lighting on a day to day basis was a huge restriction to start out with.  So, instead, I decided to focus on something more flexible and achievable: A Design a Day.

This will include both my general design work for Cafepress, Zazzle, drawings and the like, but also more experimental work such as book cover design.  Most of the cover designs will be for fictional books.  Hang on… that’s not the most helpful word in a bookish context. Let’s try ‘book titles that I’ve made up and don’t really exist’ instead.  That said, if I see a challenge to design a book cover that takes my fancy, I’ll give it a go and post a link to the challenge.  Equally I’m happy to hear from people who have ideas or would like a cover designed (though I won’t promise anything, having never really tried fulfilling commissions before!)   The aim of the project is to create more often, rather than doing nothing for two months and then going mad for a couple of days.

I don’t get on the computer every day, so there won’t always be a punctual upload (an hour or so an evening really isn’t much time to get a detailed design done in) but I’ll try and keep pace.  The designs will appear on Tumblr and Pinterest.


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