Etsy is Go!

I spent a while playing around with wrapping and boxes, but finally figured out that if I didn’t just go for it I’d spend the rest of the year trying to plan everything out perfectly.  So, I’ve reopened my Etsy shop.  I originally opened it way back in 2011 when I first thought I’d like to try selling on Etsy one day, and wanted to make sure I got the shop name.  I’ve just added these three so far:

BrownGoldSkull box tinyred box EvilEye Ep

The weather’s been so gloomy recently I haven’t managed to take any interesting photos.  I’ve got a little light box which is great fun, but the plain background doesn’t give much context for the scale.  I’ve tried adding a penny to a few of the shots, though as I put it upside down you can’t tell it’s 1p rather than 2p at a glance.  Oops.

QH logo

QueenHare on Etsy