Breaking Bad Rock Candy

With the finale just around the corner I decided it was about time to try making THIS blue meth inspired Breaking Bad Cake. The gloriously blue sparkle on top is blue rock candy and while I’m sure I could probably have ordered some online, I figured trying to make my own was a little more in the spirit of the show.  Candy making takes some exact measuring and temperature control after all!

I used this recipe by SugarHero though for my first attempt I tried using a dodgy thermometer which, predictably, didn’t work out and I ended up with a sheet of goo that slowly crystalised over a period of 3 days…


Sufficed to say I obtained a proper candy thermometer for the next batch.  And now I’ve got it I’ll obviously have to make it worth buying by making vast amounts of candy.  That, and it’s great fun!


As the initial batch had clearly not reached a high enough temperature to set, I overcompensated with this lot resulting in a slightly greenish tinge from caramelisation (I really should have just renamed it “Todd’s Slightly Dubious Aquamarine Meth” instead) and a very rapidly hardening batch of candy.  The dregs did a pretty good impression of candyfloss as I tried to pour it out into the waiting tray:

Meth candy

Still, I ended up with a lovely glassy sheet of Breaking Bad inspired candy which solidified within a couple of minutes.  Then came the fun part- smashing it!


It really does look like broken glass…  And it’s sharp enough to do a good impression by touch as well, most likely because I cooked it to a higher temperature than was needed rendering it more like hard boiled sweets than a softer cracked candy. This probably makes it a pretty dangerous cake topping so I’ll use this batch to accessorise my Heisenberg Candy labels (designed last week), and have another go at the weekend.


And the final result, smashed, bagged, and tagged: Heisenberg’s Blue Sky Crystal Candy.  That distracted me for a bit, now back to waiting for the final episode…

Heisenberg's Blue Sky Candy

Heisenberg's Blue Sky Candy