Geeky Valentine’s Cards

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching I realised that over the years I’ve designed quite a few geeky Valentine’s cards and should probably put them all together in one place, and Pinterest seems like as good a place as any!  Visit the Geeky Valentine’s Day Cards Pinterest Board or click below:

Geeky Valentine's Day Cards

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Whether Pinterest has potential to act as a larger portfolio I have yet to decide.  The trouble is that my designs are hosted across the interwebs at Zazzle, Cafepress, Redbubble and others, so I don’t have any one place to showcase all of them.  It’s a bit too labour-intensive to add every new design to a WordPress page, so I’m on the lookout for a good solution.  Ideas welcome!



I realised I’ve not posted any of my book-related designs so far, which seems a bit silly seeing as most of my time is spent in the company of books! A couple of new bookish designs this week:

And a few favourites from the oldies:

Hunger Games – Team Gale

Here we go- mockingjay designs with variations for main characters in the first book: Peeta, Katniss, Gale, Effie and Haymitch. Click the image to find it on t-shirts, badges, cards and loads of other bits and pieces.

Post if you want anyone else (from the first book only!). Cinna’s on the list already 🙂

Hunger Games

I gave in to popularity and went to see The Hunger Games last weekend. I knew very little about it other than the popularity of the book and the prevalence of bus posters on my local route, and for some reason I expected something showy, sappy, silly and something like Twilight. I was pleasantly surprised, and afterwards went straight out and bought the books (read the first two so far, one per evening), and it’s solidified my two-year-old intention of getting back into archery! I was doubly pleased to discover Cafepress has a licence to sell Hunger Games gear, so here we go- the initial splurge, more to follow!

And more here at OD Cafepress

Sleep and Smile Duvets at Cafepress

I’m excited to announce that Cafepress have made available various size duvets! I’ve long wanted to design my own bedcovers, and now I can. I’ve created two so far, inspired by vintage theatre poster designs, in twin and king sizes:

Twin Duvet – Vintage Sleep Poster
King Size Duvet – Vintage Sleep Poster
Twin Duvet – Vintage Smile Poster
King Size Duvet – Vintage Smile Poster

The designs are also available on other products over at Zazzle:

Vintage Smile Poster
on posters, greetings cards and postcards at Zazzle
Vintage Sleep Poster
on posters, greetings cards and postcards at Zazzle